New team games for Dominus coming soon


There will be 2 man teams games starting soon on Dominus. It will be FFA (Free For All) games for teams fighting to achieve the ultimate goal of becoming Dominus. Individuals are welcome to join but no teams are allowed to work together until Dominus is declared then all players can work together to overthrow the Dominus or chose to help dominus hold their title. Aliases are not required but you are more than welcome to use them. There will be a series of games in which teams will change teammates to encourage friendships and the love of fighting for Dominus and each other. The rules for all Dominus games will still apply in these games.

Dominus Rules

Come play Dominus and fight to prove you are the best, and become the DOMINUS at

The game will start at normal speed then after 3 days it will go into a speed game.

Posted by ENFORCER232 on February 5, 2019