Interview with the Developers of

Is this the first game you have made? What was the first game you developed?

No, this is our 4th in a row game, the first was:, (it was 2 years ago it does not work anymore, you can find the video on


Why do you design games?

We decided to start developing games after my classmate showed me his experience in the field of HTML5 games. I decided with my friend to try to write a simple game about space, so it all started


What languages ​​/ programs do you use?

Server part: Java
Client part: TypeScript, Three.js


How big is your team?

Our team is called "K & S Games" and consists of 3 people:
Klesh - server developer
Aleksandr - client developer
Dicrex - Designer levels, interfaces, characters and so on.


Are you still working on your game and if so what future plans do you have for it?

Yes, we continue to work on our game, make new maps and several interesting modes in the fire (BattleRoyale, Zombies, etc.)


What advice would you give to aspiring game developers?

Just start to make the first game and not pay attention to the difficulties and failures, even if the game does not receive special attention, you will get a cool experience and will definitely succeed in the next endeavor


If someone wanted to make a game like this, what would they need to learn?

From the easiest ways to start creating games, learn JavaScript, Node.js and HTML, watch tutorials and just try.


What is your next project?

I cannot answer this question yet, because I have not yet decided it myself, we are now busy improving the existing game and it's hard to say what we will do in the future.


Is this your full time job or a side gig?

Yes, this is our regular job.


What did you encounter while developing this game?

There were no problems, making io games is easy!


What did you learn about game design from developing

We realized that you should not write complex games from the very beginning, it would be much more correct to make a simple game and see how the community will react to it, make edits of your plan and make another game, and so on, when you get a product close to the ideal.


Do you have any other games you’re working on?



Where do you see IO games in 5 years?

I can not answer this question, it is very difficult to predict


What is your favorite IO game, besides your own?

I like: and


Check out a brand new game from K&S Games. Looking forward to hearing more from them. They have a Discord channel here and their site is here.

Posted by Dan on February 5, 2019