Interview with the Developer of

Is this the first game you have made? What was the first game you developed?

It is not my first game, I have been a developer for 7 years; However is first IO game, and definitely my most ambitious one (I have worked on other games). It is also still going strong, both in terms of community and development :)

Why do you design games?

I think young people and especially children absorb games in a manner that is hard to produce when you get older. As a teenager you take things at face value, you don't question technicalities, nor do you care. You just immerse yourself completely, as I did in my teenage and child years. I want to reproduce that immersion I experienced as a child and allow others to have the same experience.

What languages / programs do you use? is made in nothing but JavaScript. It uses WebGL, and Node in the backend, there are no external libraries in the upcoming version.

How big is your team?

I am a solo developer, and I made everything in the current version. (KidComet helped me with the UI though, thanks!) For the upcoming update I joined with my friend from GoldenSkull studios, and he creates 3D objects. I have an awesome group of Community Managers, who will also work together to fill the world with content (as map creators using our map editor), If you count them, we're around 8 people.

Are you still working on your game and if so what future plans do you have for it?

Yes, I am currently working on every day. There is a big update coming, if you can even call it that; it will be more of a complete overhaul of the game. The party system will be a big one (grouping up with other players to level up together and share EXP). But the game will expand and improve in every metric possible, becoming vastly bigger, with improved and more complex class design, monster design and item features such as auction house (trading), item upgrading, and more.

What advice would you give to aspiring game developers?

Stop looking so much at social media :)

If someone wanted to make a game like this, what would they need to learn?

I think you need a lot of skills, programming obviously, especially netcode (Multiplayer). But you also need understanding of game design, world design, and to understand player feedback. Visual design, sound design are also things that help, if you want to go solo. Some basic understanding of Typography helps a lot to make your UI look better, too. Knowing about compression and datatypes helps to keep your game small and fast, for people with weaker internet connections. There are some hilariously large IO games out there that could be a fraction of the size.

Is this your full time job or a side gig?

I work on full time.

What did you learn about game design from developing

An infinite amount, but mostly I gained more respect for people working on games that are both complex yet fun. I think the most interesting thing for so far has been what I started learning about RPG skill design and item system design.

Where do you see IO games in 5 years?

I think the IO hype will die down, and instead Multiplayer games will just become a bigger medium. The current state of IOgames is that most of them are interesting due to the technical aspects, you can just open them and play a multiplayer game. But that will stop being interesting by itself eventually. I'd like to see the scene try a bit harder and move the medium forward, not only trying to make cash-grab games, but make games that keep players attention spans.

What is your favorite IO game, besides your own?

I've probably spent most time playing Slither, i think it has really well designed core mechanics and is the best executed classical io-style game.

How has the reaction been to your game? Do you communicate with the community playing it?

I communicate with my players a lot. I think has been very special so far. We do not have the numbers as more popular io games, but we probably have the most involved players. A lot of players are playing almost daily, some over a span of 2+ years. Lots of friendships and even relationships have originated in the game. The clan system has been a huge contributing factor in this.


Check out! Here's a link to the game and you can join their Discord here. It's also up on Bongo.Games.

Posted by Dan on February 21, 2019