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The Dominus team game has been set up for players to join. Join today! If u do not have a teammate then that is ok u can try to find one on game when it starts or post it in forums requesting a teammate here

The game will be at normal speed for 3 days to allow everyone to get started and find teammate, then it will got to a speed game.

Is this the first game you have made? What was the first game you developed?

No, this is our 4th in a row game, the first was:, (it was 2 years ago it does not work anymore, you can find the video on


Why do you design games?

We decided to start developing games after my...


There will be 2 man teams games starting soon on Dominus. It will be FFA (Free For All) games for teams fighting to achieve the ultimate goal of becoming Dominus. Individuals are welcome to join but no teams are allowed to work together until Dominus is declared then all players can work together to overthrow...